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Punisher: War Zone

Rating:   Do not watch it! (I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth a Little! )

     The Punisher is not, strictly speaking, a superhero, but he still

falls within the same genre.

     Oh My God! How freaking difficult is it to make a punisher


     Do not watch this wretched pile of crap unless you are tied to

a chair and your eyelids have been super glued open!

     The director obviously thought that a horrible movie would

be improved by exploding heads and buckets of gore usually found

in Z movies like Troma produces.

     No! Bad director! 

     The Punisher is just about the easiest superhero-esque movie

to make and yet they keep messing it up, and not just a little bit!

     This is the third time they have made this movie and this time

they managed to make one of the lowest grossing movies ever about

a Marvel Comics character!

     This film only punishes one thing: The audience.










Rating: $$$  Worth seeing at full price

     I was fully prepared to love this movie, but it just

didn't happen. I had never read the graphic novel and

therefore didn't know exactly what to expect, but I was

expecting things that the film did not deliver.

     There were a lot of things that I liked about this film.

     Rorschach was a great character, the production quality,

acting and special effects were amazing. I loved the opening


     The film is certainly of the highest quality, but I did not

feel a deep connection with the characters, which is a major

failing in my book. Many of the characters were too detached

or too deeply flawed for me to relate to.

     Another complaint I have with this film is the messages that

it ultimately sends, which I feel are contrary to the spirit of

the classic superhero: The needs of the many outweigh the needs

of the few, and The ends Justify the means.

     I was expecting it to become one of my all time favorites.

     Close, but no cigar.






Rating: $$$  Worth seeing at full price

     The Dark Knight is the most successful Superhero movie

in the history of the universe, but I did not like it nearly

as much as Batman Begins.

     The Dark Knight had the best Joker ever, but it fell

short in other areas that dropped it a few notches in my


     It killed off a character that it should not

have if it were to stay true to the original story.

     It did not visually establish the proper mood to go

with the Dark Knight theme.

     It passed several possible stopping points for the

story, thus making the whole thing seem longer than

it really was and making the eventual ending somewhat


     Overall, this is one of the better Batman films, but

not the best. The flaw was not in the portrayal of

Batman and Certainly not the inspired re-imagining of

the Joker, but in the story itself.  





Rating: $$$  Worth seeing at full price

     This film succeeded on most levels and I would certainly

recommend it. Tony Stark was well played and his assistant

was just right. The digital armor effects were near perfect. 

The various versions of the Iron Man suit showed a logical

progression from the original creation to the more refined

finished version.

     The comedy that was included struck just the right balance.

It kept the film from being too dry without getting silly.

     The weaknesses of the film were a mediocre villain and one

completely unrealistic special effect that I wish they had

done differently.

     All in all, I was pleased with this portrayal of Iron Man

and wouldn't mind seeing it again






Rating: $$$$$  Worth seeing at full price and

buying on DVD!

     Batman Begins is as near perfect a batman movie as I ever

expect to see. The acting was excellent, particularly the characters

of Batman and Albert.

     The movie struck exactly the right tone and the pace and

composition of the story were quite good.

     It is probably easier to make an origin story Superhero

film than one later in a series, but even if that is the case, they

did a masterly job with this one.

     I am sure I could find some flaws if I went digging for them,

but it would be pointless nit-picking.

     I love this movie!





Rating: $$$  Worth seeing at full price

     I must confess a particular bias toward this film. I own a

copy and have watched it several times. It speaks to me of

my favorite band of underdogs: Real-Life Superheroes.

Champions who don't have the resources of a Batman

 or an Iron Man, but who don costumes never the less

  and put themselves on the line to make a difference.

     This film is inspiring to me and has plenty of comedy. It

has it's flaws, but is well worth your time.