Hi, I am Kevlex, the webmaster of the World Superhero Registry and leader of The Moonlight Club.

     Several years ago, The World Superhero Registry helped push serious real-life superheroes into the public awareness and helped create the flourishing real-life superhero community that exists today.

     The World Superhero Registry has suffered from my lack of technical expertise and lack of time to maintain it.

     I have had many offers of assistance with the website but since it deals with sensitive information, I felt that the need for security outweighed the need for a better website. If you are trying to look at this site with Firefox, you know what I'm talking about!

     This blog will not try to keep up with current affairs in the Real-Life Superhero community, although entries may relate to them. It will be about whatever seems important enough to write about that day, be it current events, site updates, or general musings.

     Thanks for taking the time to visit the website and read my blog!



     The largest stumbling block to taking the Real-Life Superhero movement the next step in it's evolution is a lack of resources. We have enthusiastic, motivated people eager to work toward making the world a better place, but most of them are trying to do it on a minimal budget and without any significant technical support. With the right training, properly equipped and supported, the Real-Life Superhero community could truly become a thorn in the side of evildoers worldwide!

     The Real-Life Superhero community also faces a lack of organization and verification.

     We need common goals and a screening process to separate the wannabees and jokers from the serious crusaders.

     The Registry decides who to include largely by word of mouth, media coverage and instinct. We cannot afford to send people to investigate applicants. If we could, the registry would have many times the number of entries it has now.



     The Superhero Headquarters is still moving at a snail's pace due to lack of funding, but we still have the land and are about ten grand from having it paid off.

     Eventually, we will need a number of headquarters in different areas worldwide, but even getting this first one built is damn tough with no real budget!

     The building plans are complete, since we found someone to barter with for those a while back.

     When we do eventually complete it, it will be a place to come for training, meetings, help with costume and equipment design and construction and sharing information.




     I was reworking the Superhero Registry listings today and discovered that Captain Jackson and The Queen of Hearts are still active!

     Another real-life superhero had informed me that he had retired and I took his word for it.

     It turns out that Crimefighter Girl has indeed retired, as confirmed by her website.

     I will take more care in the future to verify information, even when it comes from trusted sources.                          

     After a little research, I confirmed that Shadow Hare was active and should be included in the registry. I have added him this morning.                



     I have been having technical problems for the last week or so and have not been able to access the website.

     I had been planning to do some updates to coincide with hitting 50,000 hits, but the counter was reset when the other website issues were being ironed out.

     I will get back to the updates and reset the counter to 50,000 when those are ready. I was at about 49,950 when the trouble cropped up. Argh!




     The public forum is working again!

     Eventually, I need to redo it completely, but for now, at least it's accessible.

     The links page has been updated, adding some new links and removing a few that no longer led anywhere.





     I just checked out the Rolling Stones article about Real-Life Superheroes and I was very happy with it overall.

     It did seem like they were a little too hard on Master Legend, and they showed Amazonia in pictures, but never mentioned her name.

     That article finally convinced me to add Master legend to the registry. I am now confident that he is both active  and serious.

     I have also added another Real life Superhero group to the Organizations page: The Great Lakes Heroes Guild. I also added a link for them on the links page.





     The new forum is up and running. All old posts have been archived.





     I often get emails like this one. Please refrain from sending me joke registry applications, as my email is backlogged on a regular basis and it just makes it more difficult to keep up.

(Actual email)

I am The Fart. I could send you a picture, but the fart is invisible, so it would be meaningless. Silent and deadly, his powers are always blamed on someone else. The power of the Fart comes in many forms, from a noxious gas that can clear a room to nearly silent popcorn farts that confuse the enemy. The Fart always has his weapons with him. They came to him because of his exposure to toxins at a certain northern Montana Superfund site. Upon the election of George Bush, the humble person who would become The Fart knew that it was time for him to come into the open. After all, Bush was, to all appearances, trying to steal The Fart's powers and become the world's biggest asshole.

If you fail to approve my superhero status, you shall certainly become a victim of The Fart. Although he is basically good, he is not to be trifled with.


     As you can see, it is somewhat entertaining, but would be better if posted to a forum, (Preferably not mine) where it could entertain everyone.




     I am passing this email along to you, so that we can lend our support for this good cause.

From: Geist
         Real-Life Superhero
         Rochester, MN


I'm writing to you to ask for your support in a very
special cause.

This month, I and other members of the Great Lakes
Superhero Guild are participating in a walkathon at
the Mall of America on Jan. 24th.

We're taking part in the Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation's Walk to Cure Diabetes along with a
half-million other walkers across the country. Our
goal: To raise $105 million to help fund research for
a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.

Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating, often
deadly disease that affects millions of people--a
large and growing percentage of them children.

Many people think type 1 diabetes can be controlled by
insulin. While insulin does keep people with type 1
diabetes alive, it is NOT a cure. Aside from the daily
challenges of living with type 1 diabetes, there are
many severe, often fatal, complications caused by the

That's the bad news... and yes, it's pretty bad.

The good news, though, is that a cure for type 1
diabetes is within reach. In fact, JDRF funding and
leadership is associated with most major scientific
breakthroughs in type 1 diabetes research to date. And
JDRF funds a major portion of all type 1 diabetes
research worldwide, more than any other charity.

I'm writing to ask for your support because now more
than ever, EACH of us can be a part of bringing about
a cure. Each of us can make a real difference

Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as you're

Together, we can make the cure a reality.

Thank you,

Real-Life Superhero
Rochester, MN

Please visit my Walk Web page if you would like to
donate online or see how close I am to reaching my
personal goal:



     Keep up the good work!




     Tothian: Registry updates.

     After putting up with Tothian's abuse and insults for years, I have been forced to remove his entry in the registry.

     I don't have the time or the emotional resources to continue dealing with him.

     I had intended to address his issues some time ago, but personal problems distracted me from the website, as those who know me will understand.

     I will address his complaints here, one final time and then will wash my hands of him.

     I will be quoting from his most recent forum post, which will be in blue.

From: Tothian
Date: 10 Mar 2009

Time: 19:13:21 -0600


Despite what you have read about this website through some articles, THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE WEBSITE! Kevlex is a liar(he even admitted it to me - if you want proof, search all the articles about him where he is as young as 36 and as old as 48 all within a year or two).

 (Providing an inaccurate date of birth relates to keeping a secret identity secret. If the media asks, I tell them that some of the personal information I provide may not be accurate.)

 He REFUSED to accurately update his website. I AM NOT A "Public Guardian" - I am a Warrior and Protector.

(People do not get to choose how they are classified in the registry. I try to make my descriptions accurate, while using terms that people will be able to easily understand. I wasn't totally happy with Public Guardian and was thinking of using "Knight Errant" which has about the right feel to it, but which still wasn't perfect.

     Tothian objected to "Crime Fighter" because he does not enforce the law per se, but seeks to help people based on his own moral code.

     I never liked "Warrior and Protector" because it was too vague and would not be something that clearly defined a category.

     We are not Myspace. The World Superhero Registry is here to objectively document the Real-Life Superhero Community and to help with it's growth and development.

     We will also not be changing descriptions to things like "Hand of Justice" or "Galactic Overlord", so don't ask!)

       (I am also copyrighted, which means I have the right to choose what is used about me online.

(I think you do not understand the nature and extent of copyright protection as it relates to media coverage of oneself. As a public figure, you can be portrayed any number of was as long as slander is not involved. The registry has tried to cast a positive light on you. The worst publicity you have is generated by your attacks on others, not because your profile is not updated to your liking.)

 Sure, this website may not be making money. But it used to be a website about RLSH's, made by someone claiming to be one, yet does not hold himself to high standards of looking out for his fellow RLSH's.

(An unfair statement, but not worth getting into at length.)

 I have continuously spoke to him about this for more than 2 years now. 2 years is way too long to do something accurately, even for a retarded person. I am sick of telling him information about me, then being blown off, ignored, or not responded to for 9 months. That's rude, disrespectful, and ignorant. DO NOT MENTION THE WORLD SUPERHERO REGISTRY IN YOUR ARTICLES. YOU WILL ONLY MAKE YOURSELF LOOK BAD!

(I have emailed you more that any other person in the Real-Life Superhero Community. I am not your servant and the registry is not here to cater to your demands.)

 THE HEROES NETWORK IS WHERE THE REAL LIFE SUPERHERO COMMUNITY GOES TO: http://heroesnetwork.net and http://heroesnetwork.aceboard.com Just stop interviewing the world superhero registry. Mention the Heroes Network instead, that is if you have any journalistic integrity. And to all of the real life superheroes out there, that is where now-almost 370 real life superheroes go to. If anyone wants to contact me, you can email me at Tothian@msn.com and www.MySpace.com/Tothian

(His forum appears to be more popular and I encourage everyone to check it out.

     We are here to promote the Real-Life Superhero community, not just our website and if Tothian's website helps to do that, it is a good thing.)

 - Don't act surprised or shocked, Kevlex.

(I don't really understand that part: Why would I be shocked? He has been insulting the World Superhero Registry and myself for years and his complaining has been nonstop.)

You've played stupid with me for way too god damn long, spoke shit about me behind my back,

 (The things that I say about you to others are the same things that I am willing to say to your face. The most common of which are that you have a big ego and are difficult to deal with and keep insulting me.)

and pretended to be Green Scorpion and Professor Widget.

 (Tothian thinks I am about a dozen different people, which doesn't bother me much for my own sake, but it does concern me that he is trying to open-air such things in a public forum.

     Tothian thinks he is using personal information to hurt me.

     I urge everyone to be extremely careful when giving Tothian your personal information, particularly if revealing your secret identity.

     If he becomes upset with you, he is clearly happy to try and turn that information against you.

     If you have a secret identity, it should be secret for a reason and the fewer people that know it the better, especially people with a temper.)

Just fix your mother fucking website already, or I will petition to have it shut down. Once you fix it and do what I request for you to do, you will save yourself a world of problems.

(Cursing and threats have never motivated me to agree to your demands and they will not start doing so now. You have forced me to take the unprecedented action of removing you from the registry, which means that there is no longer any inaccurate information about you here for you to be concerned with.)

     Another of Tothian's complaints about his profile that he failed to mention this time is his "Notoriety", which he often complained was listed as too low. He felt that it should have been something like "Extremely High", but he said he would have settled for "high".

     As this is something that others have questioned, I will explain our current notoriety ranking system.


Unknown- Not known to the general public.


Low-           Known locally, possibly with minor state or national

                   media coverage.


Medium-   National / world media coverage and well known

                   within certain circles.


High-         A household name, known to people as an actual

                  Real-Life Superhero, not just someone interviewed

                  in a costume so that the media can make a joke

                  of them or fill 30 seconds on a slow

                  news day.


     Once again, everyone keep up the good work and stay safe out there!





     Website redesign contest!

    After many offers of free website design assistance, I have decided to have a contest to see who can come up with the best version.

     Entries are due on or before July 1 2009.


     Website must work properly with all browsers.

     Website must be extremely easy to set up,

        particularly for the novice.

     Websites must be set up online by the competitors

       to be tested prior to judging.  

     The forum must be stable, easy to use,

       easy to edit posts and ban users.

     A store section with secure means of payment will be


     All work must be done free of charge and the

        designer must be willing to provide assistance and

        technical support to implement the changeover

        free of charge.

     All personal information encountered by the designer

       must be kept confidential and the winning web        

       designer must sign a confidentiality agreement.


       If an acceptable website design is submitted, it will be announced in July and will replace the current site design by August and a link to the designer's home page will be permanently added to our links page.

       If none of the website designs are accepted, another contest will be held.

      All applicants who submit a worthwhile website design and set it up online will be mentioned and links to their submitted sites will be posted, if they wish, so that everyone can see the quality of their work.

Good luck to you all!




     Hi, Everybody!

     In today's update, we have added two new RLSH to the registry: "Nyx", who has been recommended to us by numerous respected figures in the RLSH community, and "Life", who is the founder of Superheroes Anonymous and well known to everyone in the community.


     We have also added a new  RLSH group to the Organizations page: The "Vixens of Valor".


     I have decided to add a few retroactive blog entries to my blog page in order to document several significant early events in the Registry's history.


     We have also added several RLSH to the list of Candidates for Inclusion in the Registry, and made minor edits to several RLSH profiles, such as Amazonia and Entomo.


     We are considering adding a media page with links to interviews and other news coverage of the RLSH community.


      I spent the entire day trying to get caught up on emails, but I still ended up with over 100 old ones left and about 80 brand new ones that showed up in the meantime! It's like bailing out a boat with a colander! 


     The website redesign contest has generated a lot of interest, but no-one has submitted any designs yet. We will post links to the entries as we get them.




          I did a short radio interview this morning for "The Break Room", an upstate New York radio program and was treated pretty well as these things go, although I would have liked to have expanded on a few of my points a bit.

     I am making a lot of progress with clearing up my email inbox and am down to less than a hundred emails now!

     I am researching different forum software and free forum sites in preparation to fixing the problems with the current forum.

     We are considering adding ads to the website, possibly through Google Adsense, in order to reduce the expenses involved with running the site.


     Just did another radio interview and I felt I was dealt with quite professionally. They wish to reach other Real-Life Superheroes in their area.

     Just did another radio interview and I felt I was dealt with quite professionally. They wish to reach other Real-Life Superheroes in their area.




     Making Money:

     Total outside funding from 2004 until today= 0.00

    I am really getting tired of explaining why the Real-Life Superhero Community is not dealing with major crime rings.

     I have explained over and over again that we do not have the resources of a Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark and that most of us have full time jobs in addition to maintaining our Superhero Identities.

     Many in the Real-Life Superhero community disapprove of any kind of fundraising activity because it makes us look like we are in it for the money.

     We are not.

     We are mostly idealists who decided we must take direct action to improve the world around us.

     I have long argued that we need to generate income to support our goals but I have put off really doing anything about it because, at the back of my mind, I don't like the idea any better.

     Well, no more! We need to move things forward: we need to establish ourselves as a serious and effective force for good in the world.

     I will be adding Google ads to the website this month.

     I will be opening our online store this month.

     I will be adding a donation link this month.

     If these actions do not result in sufficient income, we will investigate other funding options.

     If anyone has additional ideas about fundraising, please let us know. We will not advertise for porn sites or sites that do not relate to the interests of the community.




     Making Money: Part 2

    The donation link is working now, but is being ignored.

       The Google ads are not doing that well because I don't want

to plaster the site with them, but it looks like they will help

offset the cost of running the website, so I will probably leave

them up.

     The online store is up and running, but is not generating

any sales because the selection and pricing are not that great yet,

but at least it is a starting point.

     A number of RLSH have gotten pissed off by the store.

     Some of their concerns were valid and a few changes have

been made.

     Some RLSH object to having a store at all, which I find

frustrating. Unless some billionaire decides to fund the

Real-Life Superhero movement, our arch enemy will always be


     I personally cannot afford to work on Real-Life

Superhero matters full time. I usually don't even have the spare

time to keep up to date with all the registry email.

     I don't have the time and resources to track down major


     I don't have enough cash to build the Real-Life Superhero


     I really want us to make a major difference in the world at

large and I will keep working toward that end.

     After all these years, it should be obvious that I have the best

interest of the Real-Life Superhero community at heart.





     Making Money: Part 3

     Store closing. Total sales=0$

     Total donations since the registry was founded=0$

     Flack from people I keep trying to help=Priceless

     I am having a bad day.

     I better keep this short before I start ranting.

     I also have some new positive ideas about how we can move the Real-Life Superhero community forward, but I am in too dark a mood to present the ideas properly right now.

     I hope everyone is having a better day than I am.





     Website Spring Cleaning

     At the urging of many, We have started the process of updating the website.

     We will be giving the pages a more consistent look, as well as doing some

     general editing.





     Our often abused and spammed forum has been hacked by

persons unknown and is currently virus filled and offline.

     We are working on restoring it and checking out the rest of

the site, but it is a slow process.




     A bit of nice news.

     We received out first donation ever August 4th!

     Vincent from GA sent us a few dollars and more than

the cash, we appreciate the support. We get a lot of abuse

from people inside the RLSH community as well as from the

media and the general public.

     We will be applying his donation toward the RLSH

Headquarters project and we hope he will pay us a visit

when we finally get it built.





       It is time for our semi-occasional updates to the website.


     We have updated the links page, removing several dead links,

adding some new ones and improving the appearance of several.

     If there are links we should add, let us know soon, while we are

updating the site.


     We have updated the list of candidates for addition to the registry,

removed many dead links in that category and sorted them by region,

where possible.

     Please note: we will be removing many of those candidates

from the list if they do not have some sort of contact information.

     We will also only add new entries that include contact info.


     It is also time to nominate RLSH for addition to the registry!


     More updates to come







       A second $5.00 donation has been received,

from Lassi H. in Finland! Thanks!

     We didn't notice this right away, but we certainly appreciate it!

     That brings our grand total for all donations to $10.00!

     The superhero Headquarters is still in the planning stages and we are

slowly paying off the land.

     We are only about $3,000.00 away from owning it,

at which point, we can start putting a little cash toward building materials.

     Additional security concerns have made us rethink how the

headquarters facility will be used and as a result, we will not be inviting

the media to tour it, and we will carefully screen all guests.

     The forum is still offline, because the one person we trust with

our tech support has been unavailable for an extended period.






       A third donation of $50.00 has been received,

from James A of Florida! Thanks!

     The donation was actually in September and we didn't check our

account until today. It will be applied to forwarding our objectives.

     We are about $2,400.00 away from owning the land for the

Superhero Headquarters.

     We will have close to 20 acres to work with once easements

are taken into account and we will have plenty of room for the

Superhero Headquarters as well as many other projects, including

something to disguise the fact that we have A superhero Headquarters

operating there!

     The forum is still still offline, because the one person we trust with

our tech support has been unavailable for an extended period.




       The year's first donation has been received: $20.00 from Caroline C. in Europe!


     It will be applied to forwarding our objectives.

     We are currently less than $2,000.00 away from owning the land for the

Superhero Headquarters.

     Once the land is paid off, we plan to plant some trees on the perimeter to

provide added privacy.

     We are considering other means of fundraising such as small-scale organic


     The forum is still still offline, because the one person we trust with

our tech support is still unavailable.







       We have received another small donation: $1 from I. Magee of the UK.!

     It will be applied to forwarding our objectives.

     We are currently less than $1,000.00 away from owning the land for the

Superhero Headquarters.  It will be completely paid off in Jan of 2013!

     We have bought a few small trees for the perimeter and some seeds for super-

fast growing trees as well.

     We are still looking into other means of funding.

     There has not been an update for a while due to extra special technical issues. Aargh!

     The forum remains offline, because the one person we trust with

our tech support is still unavailable and we have not yet learned how to fix it or replace it.

     As we are able to edit the website again, we will be making some changes and doing

some minor updates in the near future.