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Hi, I am writing because I've read an article about real life superheroes in Bizzare magazine.

     Though I do not have any insanely superhero abilities like shooting flames from my hands!

However I am double jointed in the elbows. Giving me super human performance in boxing,

swiming, volley ball, bowling and even pitching. I have timed my boxing speed at probably 80-90

punches a minute. I have yet to see anyone actually beat that. I have extensive martial arts training

in Jeet Kune Do, Tak Kwan Do, Aikido & boxing. From legends of my grandfather he says we are

decedents of Fighters, fighting is in our blood which explains why my entire family is

double-jointed in the elbows.
     I am writing from Vancouver, BC in Canada. Lately Vancouver has been ridden with gangland

violence and targeted hits. Just a few days ago police shot an theft with a stolen car as he was

trying to run over the officer; just 2 blocks from where I live. My neighborhood is infested with

Junkies & Crack dealers and I am frustrated with the revolving doors of the justice system. They

arrest the dealers only to have them released within a week.
     I feel an sense of rage and sorrow when I watch my neighborhood which held so many fond

childhood memories wither & die. I WANT to intervene to take down the drug dealer I see

EVERYDAY that sells crack on my way to work.
I have fought back against theft in stores only to have the store owner complaining that I should've

 just let him take off with the stolen goods. The store owner told me by helping him, I have

actually marked him. Because the owner, HE is ALWAYS going to be at the store, it is his store!

He fears of retaliation (broken window, loitering..etc)
     So this is my dilemma, I want to help...but I don't want to put those that I have good intentions

of helping and defending into harms way of these criminal scum. How should I proceed? By the

way ironically within the 5 block radius of the POLICE STATION in Vancouver is also where the

most dealers congregate and make their transactions.
     As I write this I feel sadden that everyday it seems that less and less of the old businesses that

 once thrived in the area, are being replaced by empty vacant lots or demolished to make

ANOTHER parking lot.
     Enclosed is an pic of my arms bending abnormally.
     Please tell me if there is an superhero branch in my area, or how i can organize a

neighbourhood watch so I can take back the neighborhood? I don't want to feel helpless anymore,

every time I see an under-aged kid smoking crack, it infuriates me knowing that some shady dealer

sold it to her ruining her entire life ahead of her. She's just a kid but, watching her change to

something hideous and the dealers making a profit off of her demise and misery like vultures.

Seeing the once child-like face into an heroine pock-marked addict is painful. Seeing her sell her

body for money for drugs practically everyday around my neighborhood, noticing the drugs

changing her form..starving her, the addiction digging deeper into her soul. (I offer to buy food

even though she always insist on given cash so she can score some drugs; So I always buy her

some slice of pizza whenever I pass her.) It would not surprise me that if one day she just

disappeared, another life lost to the streets. If you saw what I just described to you, wouldn't

way in Arizona and don't have the time and money to travel there and figure it out, here's what

little I can do:


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     Also, I recommend that you create a Myspace profile so that you can get to know the others in

the Real-Life Superhero community.
     There are also a number of active forums to discuss related topics with other real-Life


     If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

     Welcome to our ranks!



Help me!

I need to find out why/who would be our superhero in Denver, CO. There are many villainous crimes that occur around my home and I'm fearful for my girlfriend's well-being. I've visited the World Superhero Registry and I have not seen any in Denver. This CANNOT be true!!! We need someone here and I know that there has to be someone we can contact to go after some of these evil-doers!!! Please help me or let me know who I can contact. I've sent an email to you because I really don't know who else to ask for help...

Concerned Citizen of Denver     12/31/2008



Halloween in Salem, MA is growing increasingly dangerous with each year. Salem is the Halloween capital of the world and it has gone from drawing thousands of visitors to hundreds of thousands of visitors, and it all culminates on Halloween with a Mardi Gras like atmosphere. This would all be well and good except that crime on Halloween itself has also grown exponentially along with the crowds. Last year there were a large number of crimes including several stabbings as gangs have begun coming in for the celebrations from Boston, Lynn and other cities. The police are completely overwhelmed and call in police from all surrounding towns but it is still not enough when there are tens of thousands of people, some years hundreds of thousands. They can not be everywhere. They can not watch everyone. What we need are the citizenry to help watch over things. ...or possibly.. The super citizenry!

A Dad in Salem


Please do not post my e-mail address on your site.    05/04/2009