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     Question: I build websites and I would like to
      build you a professional looking website for free.
      Are you interested?

The World Superhero Registry is not
     seeking assistance in this area due to privacy and
     security considerations

 Question: Why don't you include Law Enforcement
              Officials, Member of the Military, or Firefighters?

Those can be truly noble professions, but Police,
                Firefighters and Paramedics don't fit the  
  definition that we use for the registry for the very reason
  that they are professions. Additionally, listing every
  worthwhile person involved in such professions would be a
  huge undertaking, easily requiring a full time paid
  which we don't have. Finally, there are already
  organizations that honor excellence in those professions.

 Question: Why didn't you accept my application to the

  Answer: The most common reason for not being added to
              the registry is a lack of 
evidence that you are
  engaged in
heroic activities. Evidence usually takes the
  form of
documentation of such activities, or
  testimonials from established Real-Life Superheroes. If
  the Registry ever has the funds to send representatives to
  investigate heroic activities,
we may start doing so.
    The second most common reason is that the applicant
  appears to be a Superhero Role-Player,
which is different
  from being a Real-Life Superhero.

    Another common reason for delaying or refusing addition
  to the World Superhero Registry is an apparent commercial
  incentive. If you are a paid spokesperson for an
  organization, or trying to promote a business or band by
  pretending to be a Real-Life Superhero, you do not fit
Registry's definition of a Real-Life Superhero.
    Yet another reason to exclude someone from the registry
  is lack of an appropriate costume. If your outfit is clearly
  offensive or shows 
too little effort, your application may
  be rejected

  Question: What is the purpose of wearing a costume?
  Answer: There can be a variety of reasons:
                 To inspire others.
                 To illustrate commitment to an ideal
                 To protect One's privacy.
                 To avoid litigation.
                 To protect one's safety.
                 For concealment or camoflauge.
                 To have fun while helping others.

  Question: Is being a RLSH dangerous?
  Simple Answer: YES.
  Longer Answer: It varies, depending upon what
                    your abilities are, what activities you
  engage in, and where you are located.
    Homeless outreach and similar humanitarian
  activities are not safe. You will often be
  interacting with people who have drug and/or
  mental health issues, which is hazardous.
    Confronting criminal figures and attempting
  to apprehend them, or protect their victims is
  an extremely dangerous activity!
    So, someone actively engaged in being a Real-
  Life Super Hero is operating somewhere
  in the range between "Unsafe" and
  "Completely Suicidal".

  Question: How do we contact you?
  Answer: vikingwizard (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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