Welcome to page 2 of our Frequently Asked
     Questions section!

     Question: Do I need Super Powers?
     Answer: NO. For obvious reasons, relating to
                    reality, Super Powers, Magic Powers,
      and Super Science are not required. Claiming
      to have Super powers may keep people from
      taking you seriously.
         If you have real abilities, you will get real
      respect. Be real. Be honest. Be someone to
      be depended upon.

 Question: Will you make a suit or gear for me?
  Answer: The simple answer is: NO.
                 We want to help aspiring RLSH succeed,
  but we do not have the time or resources to build
  custom RLSH equipment for the public... YET!
     If our Real Life Superhero Headquarters gets
  completed, we will have a lot more resources and 
  can help beginners learn the skills they need
  in order to make their own RLSH suit and gear.
    The RLSH HQ project can also make available,
  a high tech fabrication shop that newcomers might
  use to create suits for the lowest possible cost.

 Question: Will you help us with our documentary?
  Answer: Maybe. Email us. Our availability varies.
                 Many RLSH and RLSH groups do not 
  work with film groups at all because of the high level
  of poorly run productions, biased reporting, or fake
     The  World  SuperHero  Registry  sees  it  as  
  part of our mission to educate the public about the
  RLSH community and to promote its acceptance.

 Question: Will you put me in touch with a RLSH?
  Simple Answer: NO. We know very few of the
  RLSHs personally. We add most of the RLSHs to
  the World Super Hero Registry on our own
  initiative, without ever contacting them.

     We recommend doing your own research about the
  RLSH community and approach any individual with
  all due caution. Not everyone in this community has
  the same set of motivations.

  Question: Where can I buy equipment?
Tons of different places.
                 We will be adding more links to our
    links page that may help, but there are lots of
    places to buy supplies online, although this can
    be a problem if security is a consideration.
       Military surplus stores can be useful, as well
    as hunting and camping supply stores.
      For raw materials, it will depend on what you
    need for your project. Tons of suppliers!
      Many areas also have security related retail
    stores that sell things like martial arts gear,
    safes and surveillance equipment.

 Question: My name is captain diaper!
Go away!

  Question: I am your arch nemesis!
Go away!

  Question: I live in a horrible corrupt country
                   and want to fight for justice!

You are picking a losing battle. We
  salute your spirit, but one RLSH cannot fix
  that huge a problem. The RLSH community has
  a hard time operating in a stable country.
    If you feel compelled to become a RLSH in
  such a place, try to stay alive! The world needs
  more good people in the world, not less!
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