Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions

         Some of these questions will be things we
     have been asked a lot, but we may also include
     things that need to be clarified, or are
     common misunderstandings as to what
     Real Life Super Heroes are, what the purpose
     of the website is,  or other topics that seem
     like they should be addressed.
        Feel free to email us your questions or
     feedback.          ~KEVLEX~         

 Question: Is this for real?
  Answer: The simple answer is: YES.
                 The more complete answer is: Yes, but not
  everyone who claims to be a Real-Life Super Hero
  actually is.
     A certain number are trolls. A certain
  number are cosplay enthusiasts. A certain number
  are simply useless and do nothing.
     But! There are indeed real people out there who
  are donning superhero costumes and working to make
  the world a better place!

 Question: How do I become a Real Life Super Hero?
  Answer: By doing it!
                There is no screening process, and there is  
  nobody to ask for permission.
    If you are driven to help people and want to do it as   a Real Life Super Hero, then start getting yourself
  ready! Start planning your missions, start training to
  face your challenges! Start collecting your supplies!
  Start building your RLSH Suit! Go do it!

 Question: How do I join your group?
  Answer: The simple answer is: We are not a group.
                The more complete answer is: If you are an
  active RLSH and can prove it to our satisfaction, we  
  will probably be willing to create an entry for you on
  our RLSH registry page.
                 Part 2 of this answer is: In addition to the
  registry, we do also have a small group of insiders
  that form "The Moonlight Club", however, we will not
  be accepting new members until we have completed
    the Real Life Super Hero Headquarters.
                  Part 3 of this answer is: If you are
    determined to be added to the registry before
    you have proven yourself, we can add an entry
    marked probationary, on the last page,
    for a $10 fee. It is not recommended, but it is
    available. That option is on the ordering page

  Question: Is this legal?
The simple answer is: Maybe.
                 A lot depends on what you plan to do
    and where you plan on doing it.
      In some areas, simply wearing a mask in public
    is illegal!
      Compare your planned actions, your costume
    features, and all of your equipment with the
    laws in your area. If you operate in an illegal
    manner, you will be taking serious risks! At the
    bare minimum, make yourself aware of the law!

 Question: Should I carry a gun?
The simple answer is NO.                    
                 This is our answer, based on the basic
    principle of doing the least harm. A firearm
    can endanger innocent bystanders and does not
    fit with our understanding of the Super Hero
    Philosophy. We recommend non-lethal weapons,
    if needed for your activities. If you choose to
    carry a firearm as a RLSH, you better be a
    Navy Seal with a superhuman level of skill.
       Pencils have erasers. Guns do not.
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