Hey! we made it to page 2! Super!

     Let's start out with politics! I might have strong opinions on a ton of issues, and I may even post
     one or two right here in the future, but that is not the function of this website.
     The World Superhero Registry is non-partisan in it's function.
     We have RLSH of every stripe out there, from Creepy Conservative, to Loony Liberal, to Angry
     We do not discriminate on that basis. If you meet our criteria, you get judged on the merits of
     your actions. We are here to make the world a better place and we don't care which idiot you
     voted for in some election. We are here to fix what those politicians can't or won't fix!

     Villains! Where are the villains? We have a link to the FBI 10 most wanted list on our links page,
   but we should
have our own page laying out the people who are spreading death and evil in the
   world, and coordinating to do something about them!
     But! We don't have the resources to follow through on that yet.
      We don't even have a secure enough location to be able to create such a page without running
    the risk of being killed.
      The truth is that while the Real-Life SuperHeroes are viewed as a joke by most of the world,
   that keeps us safe.
     Once we truly step onto the world stage and confront evil, we will be dealing
   with people with no sense of humor at all. We will be dealing with professional murders who follow
   online activity and respond with horrifying violence.
     The bottom line is that until we have the resources to protect ourselves from being wiped out,
  we will leave that page on the back burner.
     Our Secret Base project would solve the problem and move the crime-fighting RLSH faction
  into a whole new arena. A much more dangerous arena, but one with the potential to start fixing
  some of the world's atrocities. Wish us luck! 

   I still have space left on the page? I can't fit anything in this small a space! This seems like really
   bad planning!

                                                                       - Page 3 -