TRUTH AND JUSTICE

             As a Real Life SuperHero, your commitment to Truth and Justice are paramount. You will be
          acting as a symbol for principles, and to make the world a better place, those principles need to
          be solid and positive.
              You don't get to be a petty, vindictive, lying RLSH. Not by our Standards.
              If you can't step out onto the world stage and have a clearly positive influence, then you are
          not ready to be a RLSH, no matter how much cool gear you have. Go back and spend some time
          working through your issues. Don't inflict them upon the rest of humanity.

              As a Real Life Super Hero, tolerance needs to be kept in mind. After all, you are going to be
          be the crazy person running around in a weird outfit and will need the tolerance of others
          to conduct your affairs.

                                                     DO NO HARM

             Mistakes are unacceptable when one is dealing with matters of Life and Death. Getting into a
          battle with a villain risks not only the lives of those involved, but those of anyone within range of
          their weapons. Remember: With great power comes great responsibility!

              Non-lethal means of apprehending a villain provide an essential safety-margin, although even 
          non-lethal techniques can sometimes result in injury or death. Sound judgment is always essential
          to prevent tragedy.

             Unless a RLSH encounters a major crime in progress, careful research and planning are essential
         to any action to be taken. Poor research and planning could result in
undesirable outcomes, 
         such as trying to apprehend undercover law-enforcement officers.

                                                FAIRNESS AND A SENSE OF PROPORTION

             Although it may be tempting to pursue petty criminals due to the ease with which they can be 
         found, in many cases it does not serve the cause of justice, nor is it worth the risk to them or to 

             Confronting prostitutes saves no lives, protects no property, and does not advance the 
         cause of justice.

             Trying to apprehend a tagger is also of limited value to society. When confronted by a victimless 
         crime, the appropriate response is, at most, a warning or stern lecture, not trying to physically 
         confront them.

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