What training should a Real Life SuperHero have?

          Once again we return to the question of who you are going to be and what you plan to do.
            If you are planning on a purely humanitarian mission, possibly dealing with the homeless population,
          as is fairly common, you will need skills relating to counseling, medical issues and other
issues. Take courses on First Aid, CPR, dealing with addiction and mental health issues.
            If you are in a cold region, find out what to do about hypothermia.
            If you are in the desert, learn how to treat heat stroke.
          Learn more about your territory and how to navigate it.
            Map out your area of operation and learn about shortcuts and areas to avoid.
            Learn about lesser known features of your area and it's geography.
            Learn about social and ethnic groups in your area and how to deal with them, or avoid them.
            Will you be running into skinheads or cops in that bar? What about the one across the street?

          It would be a good idea to start learning the next most common language in your region.
          Get a good smartphone, then sit down and really learn how to use it. It is an essential tool.

          If you are in a rural area, hike and learn outdoor survival skills.

          If you are in an urban area, practice navigating common obstacles, possibly take up Freerunning.

          Everyone should be doing strength training and building speed and endurance.

          If you expect to confront serious criminals in the course of your activities, take martial arts from 
          a competent teacher. We recommend skills that tend to employ leverage rather than brute force.
          If you become proficient in one style of combat, start branching out to other styles.

          If you plan to carry any sort of weapon, practice with it until you are truly proficient and maintain
          that skill level on an ongoing basis.

          Surveilance skills may be of use. Collecting intelligence may make a direct confrontation unnecessary.
          Get a video equipped drone and learn how to use it well.

          Learn to make and repair your own gear: learn to sew, learn to solder, always bring needle, thread,
          glue and duct tape. Be prepared!

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