What Gadgets, supplies and weapons do you need as a Real Life Super Hero?

          That will depend on what sort of RLSH you are going to be.
          It also depends on how much you can carry without getting too burdened down.
          It also depends upon where you will be conducting your operations.

          A good place to start is a First Aid Kit. You need to have this.
          If you are helping the homeless, they will need it.
          If you are fighting crime, you  will need it.
          Bring one big enough to be useful, but not big enough to get in the way.
          If you don't know how to use something, don't bring it along.
          If you don't know how to use something, learn how! Then add it back into the kit.
          Test everything! Just because they sold it to you does not mean it is any good!

          A dependable cell phone with good battery life and a good camera is crucial.  
          A small drone with decent video would be a great addition to your kit.
          A good quality LED flashlight with fresh batteries is important.

          A small hospitality kit is a great idea. Have small snacks, some cigarettes, a few sticks of gum.
          Don't go overboard: fill a small pocket or pouch. Situations can sometimes turn on small actions.

         Weaponry can be important in many situations, even if you are not fighting crime. If you make
         yourself a highly visible public figure, someone will cause you trouble sooner or later.
             If you are strictly engaged in peaceful activities and operate in a low crime area, you might be
         OK with no protection at all. We always advise taking something, even if it is just Pepper Spray.
             If you are confronting serious criminals, first of all, try not to do that.
             If you must engage in direct confrontation with serious criminals, we advise against using deadly    
         weapons, particularly projectile weapons with a long range. This may put you at a disadvantage,
         but it will help protect
innocent bystanders, which should be a higher priority.
                Examples of less-lethal distance weapons would be Dart Guns, Net Guns, Paintballs filled with
         Pepper Powder, Stun Guns, various types of Pepper Spray. These are not harmless, just better.

         Take some time thinking through all of the likely activities you will be engaging in. What do you need?
         Outfit yourself with your gear and see how it works when running, climbing, going up stairs, or doing
         a Judo roll. Test out your gear and its arrangement, before you need it in a crisis.

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