There are many strategies for creating a Real Life Super Hero Suit.
     The first consideration, is what practical functions it needs to serve.

     If the suit is to be purely for dramatic effect, then you have no restrictions as to style or materials.

     If concealment is needed, then the overall look will need to be suited to match your surroundings.
     Examples would be dark materials for night work or Camo materials for forested areas.

     If protection is needed, the choice of materials will be much more critical:

        Protection from edged weapons can be provided by a variety of methods. Hard plates
        made of a variety of materials, or specialty cloth made of Dyneema or Spectra, or metal meshes
        such as chain mail.
        Protection from blunt force can be provided by hard plate materials, as well as by padding
        materials, such as closed cell foams. The combination of these two is the most effective.

        Protection from ballistic threats can be provided by a variety of materials, depending on the
        power of the ammunition.
               Soft ballistic materials such as layered woven Kevlar or layered
Dyneema (or Spectra)
               will stop many common handgun rounds.
                   I should note that Kevlar must be protected from becoming wet, which negates
               much of it's protection.
                   On the other hand I should note that
Dyneema is much less heat resitant:
               (Melting point 295 F)
and will begin to weaken at high temperatures before melting.
               An advantage to vests made from these materials is that they are fairly inexpensive when
               obtained as military surplus items, through Ebay or other online resources.

        Protection from higher level ballistic threats can be obtained by adding Rigid Ballistic Plates to
        critical areas. Hardened steel,  laminated Kevlar,  ballistic fiberglass, laminated carbon fiber,
        titanium, and ceramic materials such as silicon carbide are all used to create higher levels of
        ballistic protection that will stop most high powered ammunition.

        We can, of course, keep adding more protection. Protecting yourself from fire, from chemical
        attack, from biological threats or from being submerged are all possible.
        But you keep getting more burdened down and slower. Slow is dangerous in an emergency.

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